M5 1.5-Inch Furniture Grade PVC Blind Tee with Fit Ring

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Break or misplace your blind tee with fit ring? Looking to create a full coupling + pipe + blind tee assembly for another vac for a quick swap out with your M5 Dust Cyclone Collection?

What's included (all components pre-assembled):

  • 1.5-inch Furniture Grade PVC tee (black or light gray)
  • 1.5-inch inner dome cap (white): Pre-installed in tee to block air from exiting the bottom
  • Orientation and PVC cut assist sticker on tee
  • Fit ring (black): Pre-installed for a secure, air-tight connection to the Mullet® Wet Dry Shop Vacuum Hose Adapter, allowing you to connect your M5 to virtually any vac


  • 4.67 inches tall
  • 5.25 inches long