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Made of durable polycarbonate. Position the Mullet Boom Arm wherever you need it. See debris pass through. Easily locate and clear clogs should your hairpiece go missing.


Go from box to dust-busting in a couple of minutes.


Get to all of those hard-to-collect areas with a setup that adjusts on the fly



Is the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone required to use the Mullet Boom Arm?

No. The Mullet Boom Arm can connect to virtually any shop vacuum or dust extractor you have with the help of the StabilQuad Base. However, the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone provides stability and debris pre-separation for a more comprehensive dust management setup.

Wait -- did I see a hose drop from the Mullet Boom Arm?

Yes, you did! The Mullet Boom Arm gets that hose up outta da way and mitigates snagging on your work surface edge. A Mullet Wet Dry Vac Hose Adapter replaces the Boom Arm Dust Hood to create the functionality. But that Hose Adapter is also standard in the Workbench Mount Kit.

What vacuum do I need to run with this?

Virtually every shop vac or dust extractor is compatible with the Mullet ThirdHand Dust Collection Boom Arm. That includes domestic brands, like Shop-Vac, Craftsman, Dewalt, Stanley, Ridgid, and foreign brands, like Festool, Bosch, Fein and many more. If you have a specific model that you're concerned about, get in touch with

How many sections of pipe come with the Mullet Boom Arm?

The kits come with three sections of pipe: 24, 16 & 8 inches. But you can always purchase more pipe (and other components) if you want to add spans. Visit the Boom Arm Parts & Components page.