No two shops are the same. That's why we want to give you every opportunity to customize the M5 setup in your shop that best fits your space and projects. We're making available nearly every raw component of the M5. And that includes the Mullet Wet Dry Shop Vacuum Hose Adapter, which is handy in just about every shop. So go ahead ...  break it down and reconfigure to your liking.

Mullet® Wet Dry Shop Vacuum and Dust Cyclone Hose Adapter

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1.5-Inch Schedule 40 Furniture Grade PVC Pipe (2-foot section)


1.5-Inch Furniture Grade PVC Coupling


M5 Caster Threaded Insert Nut (4-Pack)

5/16" long, No. 6, Phillips, Teks self drilling screw point

Self-Drilling Screws (24-Pack)


M5 1.5-Inch Furniture Grade PVC Blind Tee with Fit Ring


Key Drive Thumb Screw (6-Pack)

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Image of 3.5-inch shoulder-less joint connector bolt

3.5-Inch Joint Connector Bolt