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Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector

$249.99 USD
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Aka M5 Dust Cyclone Collection. Aka Mother Nature's rugged lil' shopkeeper.

No more clogged filters. Parabolic, curved cyclone wall separates out over 99% of dust and debris sending clean air to your shop vac and its thankful filter. Keeps suction strong and your shop vac running in tip top shape.

Easy to dump. The clear-view lid on the integrated,  5-gallon dump bin with a translucent wall make it easy to tell when it's time for a quick dump.

Rigid, air-tight design. No bolts. No gaskets. And no floppy, corrugated hoses or duct tape. Tug your vac and the Mullet High-Speed Dust Collector together across seams and power cords in unison.

Universal vac compatibility. Tall, small. Black, orange, yellow, green. It doesn't matter.  The included Mullet® Wet Dry Vac Hose Adapters mate the Mullet High-Speed Dust Collector to virtually ANY wet dry vac on the market and their hoses. Learn more about how easy it is to fit to your vac.

Made in USA. Headquartered in Dripping Springs, TX.

Bonus: The Mullet High-Speed Dust Collector comes with a 1-year warranty.

What's included:
  • Single-piece, thick-walled cyclone and dump bin base
  • Clear, polycarbonate lid and o-ring seal
  • Furniture-grade coupling and PVC pipe, which you cut to fit to the inlet height of your vac
  • Blind tee & PVC cut assist sticker
  • 2x Mullet Wet/Dry Vac Hose Adapters
  • 4x swivel stem casters
  • Yep, all the fixins to get you connected
  • 30-day money back guarantee





Keep suction strong and your vac running in tip-top shape

The M5 Dust Cyclone Collection reduces the need to fuss with dirty, full filters. It captures dust in the dump bin keeping your wet dry shop vac running in tip top shape.


No more clogged filters and constantly stopping to service


Disconnect the thumb screws, dump and reconnect


No seams, No gaskets. 100% quality materials. Better airflow.





Will my shop vac or dust extractor fit the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone?

Most likely it will, as the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone has been tested on all major brands of wet dry shop vacuums. But to be certain, you can pull a measurement or two from your vac. Check out the full list of dimensions or download the assembly instructions. Or view the shop vacuum fit gallery to see if you can find your vac.

But my vac has an angled or small diameter inlet. Will it work?

Yes, it should still be compatible. We've fitted several oddball angles and sizes over the years with a 3D-printed adapter. Again, get in touch with if you have a specific model you'd like to vet.

I've got a small shop. I'm worried that the Mullet won't fit in my space.

I hear ya. Space comes at a premium. Fortunately, the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector comes with four swivel casters that allow you to use it and tuck it away. But if it you still can't find space for it, no worries -- you can put your building skills to work and create a configuration that works for your shop. Check out these alternative configurations and detailed dimensions that'll come in handy for a custom buildout for your shop.

How does the Mullet Cyclone work against drywall, concrete or other super-fine materials?

In short, very well. ... And the longer version: Super-fines, like drywall and fine concrete, can be a big pain clogging up filters every couple minutes. We tested the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone in a third-party lab against concrete dust. Sending material through heavy and fast, the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone captured over 95%. That kept the Festool dust extractor's bag and filter clean and suction strong. The test results also showed no pressure loss with the Mullet Cyclone's airtight, smooth-wall system. Ditching corrugated hoses, lids and seams has a lot of benefits.

What's the difference between the High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector and the M5 Dust Cyclone Collection?

Nothing ... they are one in the same! We modified its name to better explain the advantages of the system for those shopping for a dust collection solution.