Customizing Your M5 for Your Shop Setup

While the M5 Dust Cyclone Collection is designed to make its way around the shop, the beauty is it can be reconfigured to fit just about any setup big or small.

Below are a couple of thought-starters to get you going. Have a customized setup? Send it to, as shop envy isn’t on his list of seven deadly sins.

M5 Stacked On Vac

Who doesn’t want to free up more floor space in the shop? The M5 is built to be re-configured easily. Take the casters off and use the threaded inserts as your starting point. Need extra pipe, fittings or casters? We've got you covered here.

M5 Dust Cyclone Collection modified to vertical configuration over wet dry shop vacuum

Wall Mounted

Looking for a more permanent mounted position? Head to your local hardware store and pick up a PVC compression coupling. You can use this to attach your M5 inlet to PVC. If your ducting has a little flex in it, you may be able to connect the M5 inlet to it using a standard coupling instead.
M5 Dust Cyclone Collection mounted to wall

M5 Dust Cyclone Collection Base Dimensions

Below is a detailed drawing of the base of the M5 Dust Cyclone Collection should it come in handy for drafting up a platform on which to place the M5.

Detailed base dimensions and drawing of M5 Dust Cyclone Collection

Hard Plumbed Vac Drop

The M5 inlet can be hard plumbed to your shop's dust collection system with other fittings/hoses.

M5 Dust Cyclone Collection hard plumbed in shop

Supercharge Your Blast Cabinet

Capture fine blasted media before it clouds up your view and gets to your dust collector. The M5 can be hard plumbed between the blast cabinet and dedicated dust collector using PVC pipe/fittings and common rubber plumbing boots.

M5 Dust Cyclone Collection connected to blast cabinet
Again, send pics of your M5 setup to He's quick to respond with praise and adoration to dust collection eye candy.