Fitting the M5 Dust Cyclone Collection to Your Vac

The M5 Dust Cyclone Collection works with virtually all brands and sizes of wet dry shop vacuums

One of the beauties of the M5 is that it's compatible with virtually all wet dry shop vacuum's on the market today.

For the M5 to fit best, your vac needs a vertical front face for its hose inlet (i.e., perpendicular to the floor ... no tilting). This is no problem on all known current models; however, if your vac is several years old, the Mullet Hose Adapter connecting the M5 to your vac might need to be modified slightly for an air-tight fit. Hit up to get a free 3D printed Hose Adapter in the unlikely event that you need it.

M5 Dust Cyclone Collection shop vacuum angled inlet guide


If you want to double-check that your setup will fit, grab a tape measure and check out the diagram below.

Getting the M5 Dust Cyclone Collection fully fitted to your vac is a breeze. For help, check out the video below or download the owners manual here.