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Power Cord Clips 1.5-inch PVC Pipe (6-Pack)

$19.99 USD
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Take your power cord management to the next level.

3D-printed out of durable, PETG material, these clips allow you to run your the power cord from your sander, router, track saw or other tool down 1.5-inch PVC pipe. That includes the Thin Wall Furniture Grade PVC Pipe that comes with your ThirdHand Dust Collection Boom Arm, as well as the standard 1.5-inch variety from your local hardware store.

This 6-pack is particularly handy when using the hose-drop feature of the Workbench Mount Kit for the ThirdHand Dust Collection Boom Arm.

  • 3D-printed out of durable PETG material
  • Comfortably fits a 5/16-inch diameter power cord
  • Comes as a 6-pack, just like your favorite lager