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Here's a rundown of the most common questions to date that Gus has had to answer.

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Q. What's the difference between the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector and the M5 Dust Cyclone Collection?

A. Nothing ... they are one in the same! We modified its name to better explain the advantages of the system for those shopping for a dust collection solution.


Q. Where do you ship? Do you ship internationally?

A. We currently have shipping set up for the 48 continental states in the United States plus District of Columbia. We do offer shipping to other geographies, including international. Send a note to He can help estimate shipping and handling charges.


Q. Is the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector compatible with my vac?

A. Most likely it is, as it has been tested on all major brands of wet dry shop vacuums. But to be certain, you can pull a measurement or two from your vac. Check out the full list of dimensions or download the assembly instructions. Or view the shop vacuum fit gallery to see if you can find your vac.


Q. How does the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector stack up against traditional straight wall/conical cyclones on the market?

A. Very well. A lot of folks appreciate the cut-to-fit rigid connection between the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector and their vac, which allows them to tug the two units around the shop in unison without the need of bungee cords, straps or drilling through the wall of their vac (yikes!). Others like the integrated dump bin, which eliminates seams, gaskets and unnecessary assembly. And from a performance perspective, the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector was put through a battery of tests by an independent, third-party laboratory. It found tremendous particle capture (99+%) and, even more interestingly, a system that's more air-tight meaning less pressure drop and higher air velocity. You can check out the results here.


Q. I've got a small shop. I'm worried that the Mullet won't fit in my space.

A. I hear ya. Space comes at a premium. Fortunately, the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector comes with four swivel casters that allow you to use it and tuck it away. But if it you still can't find space for it, no worries -- you can put your building skills to work and create a configuration that works for your shop. Check out these alternative configurations and detailed dimensions that'll come in handy for a custom buildout for your shop.


Q. The Mullet® Wet Dry Shop Vacuum Hose Adapter isn't getting a tight fit on my vac inlet.

A. Yeah, you want the Hose Adapter to stay put when in use. Try adding a little flashing to the outside of the Hose Adapter where it inserts into your vac. A round or two of electrical tape should do the trick. Also, consider using the optional self-drilling screw to semi-permanently keep the Hose Adapter attached to your vac. Still not fitting? Hit up Gus ... he'll give you a hand.


Q. My pipe assembly doesn't fit/line up. Or the wheels on the Mullet don't all touch the ground.

A. Your top and support pipes likely need adjusting. Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the coupling and tee first. Adjust the pipe up or down in the fittings to create a level fit from the tee to the Hose Adapter in the vac. You might need to trim a bit more pipe. Go back through the prior steps in the Mullet assembly instructions to verify where you need to cut. Be sure to remove any PVC shavings before re-inserting the pipe into the fittings and ensure the cut sticker is fully removed from the pipe. Check out the Mullet assembly video for a visual rundown on the process.


Q. Oh $#@%! I cut the pipe too short during assembly of my Mullet.

A. Don't sweat it. We have replacement pipe you can order from us. And if you can't wait that long, run to your local hardware store and get a couple feet of 1.5-inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe. 


Q. I've got the Mullet hooked up to my vac, but there's little or no suction.

A. There should be plenty of suction. Let's go down a checklist:
  • Double-check the orientation of the tee. Ensure “UP” is on the top side, which allows air to pass through to the vac.
  • Check to see if any of the cut sticker is still on the pipe. If so, remove it.
  • Check for leaks – hose connections, pipe connections, the lid. Check anywhere two pieces are joined together, as even small gaps can compromise performance.
  • Check for a blockage. Large chunks of debris can get stuck in hoses or pipes. Use a wire or plumbers snake to dislodge.
  • Check the filter on your vac. Even with the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector extending the life of your filter, you’ll eventually need to clean or replace it.


Q. Debris is getting through to the vac.

A. In normal conditions, there shouldn't be. But consider trying the following:

  • Could be time to empty the dump bin. Take a peek through the clear lid.
  • Check for an air leak at the lid. Ensure it’s installed snuggly to the dump bin with the o-ring securely in place and no debris between it and your Mullet.
  • It is possible for large, lightweight objects (e.g., EPS foam pieces) to remain suspended in the air stream rather than dropping into the dump bin. Try to sweep or pickup larger debris before vacuuming.
  • Some microscopic particles (think drywall dust) can be too light and small for the cyclone action to take effect. Try a filter bag if some slip through the exhaust on your vac.