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Q. What wet/dry vacuums are compatible with the Mullet Wet/Dry Vac Hose Adapter?

A. All of them. Well, all that we could find and test. Current models (and hoses) from ShopVac, Crafstman, Ridgid, Ryobi, Vacmaster (the list goes on and on) all provide a nice friction fit with the Wet/Dry Vac Hose Adapter. Have a specific request, send Gus a note at, and he'll see if it's been tested.


Q. What are the dimensions of the Mullet Wet/Dry Vac Hose Adapter?

A. It's about 3-1/2" long and 4" wide at its longest point (with the hardware attached). Check out a cross-section view in the images of the Adapter product page if you need more specific dimensions. Can't find what you're looking for there? Hit up


Q. I love that thumb screw. Where can I get more?

A. Funny you ask. We actually have 6-packs of them available here.


Q. I lost the small screw that came with my Adapter. Where can I get more?

A. That's a Phillips pan head #2 self drilling screw 5/16" in length (just enough to get through the Adapter wall and grab what's inside). You should be able to find a similar screw at your local hardware/home store. If not, we sell 24-packs of them here.